Guiding Information

Since October 2006, guided tours of the heritage area on the headland and forest restoration areas have been provided by Motuihe Project volunteers. These are of great interest to visitors who are keen to learn about the early Maori and European history of the island. Ex-Navy cadets, who were trained on the Island between 1941-1963, have returned to reminisce about their youthful days. They have provided our guides with great insight on the goings on during those days when the island was converted into the HMNZS Tamaki Naval Cadet Training Base. The Auckland City Heritage Festival has been a great opportunity for visitors to hear the guides and relax and enjoy the excellent surroundings.

The photos below show the German POW World War I camp days, when German Commander Count Felix Von Luckner was interred on the island, along with many other German POWs.