Hazards and Risks for Visitors on Motuihe Island

If you are planning to visit Motuihe Island as a volunteer with Motuihe Trust please read the following important health and safety messages. If you are the leader or organiser of a group visiting, please ensure that your group knows this information too.

We want you to enjoy your visit, and we do our best towards making that happen, but it does depend on everyone being responsible and not doing anything beyond your capabilities. We also ask you to pay attention to what the group leaders are asking you to do. It is an island environment – it’s not so easy to call for help.

First Aid kits are located in the woolshed, kiosk and on the tractor. Small kits are carried on planting and weeding groups.


Risks or Hazards

What you do about it


If it looks unsafe


Don’t do it. Let us know about it.


Weather (sun/heat; rain/cold/storm)

Wear/bring appropriate clothing for the island and boat transport (sunhats/sunscreen; wet weather gear, sweater)


Slips (landslides), track blockages

Keep clear; Do not approach; Alert us to any unmarked slips that you come across



Bring bottled water. Drink plenty of water – before you get thirsty.  Remember there are no shops on the island.


Isolated work places


Don’t work on your own; don’t go off on your own.

Keep an eye on the members of your group/family.




Don’t overdo it; work at your own pace; take a break


Uneven surfaces

Wear sturdy footwear; take your time; check before you go; move carefully. Stick to marked tracks unless with a planting group.


Medical conditions/allergy

Bring medication, alert supervisor to potential risk or allergy if appropriate


Steep cliffs

Keep to marked tracks unless with a planting group. Keep clear of bluffs and steep hillsides.


Tree climbing


Do not climb trees



No open fires allowed on the island.

Closely monitor all BBQs.

Take  all cigarette ends and used matches with you.


Limited toilet facilities - main block is by the wharf.

Make use of the facilities that are there


Don t go off on your own.

Know the  phone number of your group leader. 

Motuihe Trust group  leaders carry a mobile phone.

Call 111.

Ensure you have given your group leader, or us, your emergency contact details.

There are no defibrillators on the island.


Risks or Hazards

What you do about it



Spades – sharp end can cause injury

Carry spade with blade down, always leave spade standing up, not lying on the ground where it can get hidden.



Uneven ground, deep grass hiding hazards/holes

Wear study footwear. Go slowly, watch where you walk.



Mind your back.  Don’t strain

When you dig, ensure all feet and hands are out of the way.


Lifting plants


Don t lift more than you feel comfortable with.



Keep away from moving tractor, allow adequate passing space on tracks. Do not climb on tractor or trailer. Follow Tractor driver’s instructions.


Potting mix  - inhalation risk

Only adults to open and take potting mix from big white bags.  Use masks. Wash hands after use


Dust hazard


Don’t stir up dust by running around, children playing


Wet slippery surfaces


Go slowly. Wear sturdy footwear


Injury from hand tools


Wear gloves and sturdy footwear


Irritation from moth plant and other weeds

Wear protective clothing and gloves provided


Uneven ground, deep grass hiding hazards/holes

Wear study footwear. Go slowly, watch where you walk.



Wear protective clothing including gloves. All persons using spray chemicals to hold a Growsafe certificate, or to work under the supervision of a person holding a Growsafe Handler certificate

Follow instructions.


Hand held motorised equipment eg weedeaters


Only approved users permitted to operate. Wear protective clothing