Midweek Volunteer


 Weekday volunteer trips

Weekday volunteer trips are currently being arranged with the use of the charter vessel Dreamweaver. Please contact Simon Sheen at volunteermotuihe@gmail.com for further information.  Cost $40 per person with the vessel departing Z Pier Westhaven  Marina at 9 am and returning to Westhaven approximately 4.00pm.

Midweek volunteers are welcomed and should contact volunteermotuihe@gmail.com 

The Trust runs a flexible midweek volunteer programme.  Whether you are a corporate team looking for an excellent ‘volunteer day’ option or an individual wanting to make a difference, please contact email: volunteermotuihe@gmail.com

Activities are season dependent, with tree planting from autumn to early spring, with the rest of the year including; seed collecting, nursery tasks, weedwork, track clearing, and other relevant jobs.  Along with Trust Leaders we can tailor a day to fit with a wide variety of ages (5-80), fitness levels and experience.  The aim is to enjoy the beautiful island and contribute to its future.


Motuihe Island FAQs 

Welcome to the Motuihe island project – good choice.  The following should answer most questions relating to the day.

  • Where:
    • Motuihe Island sits between Rangitoto and Waiheke.The ferry ride of approximately 1 hour to the island
  • When:
    • 8.30am depart time for the ferry. Activities will start around 11am.  Lunch around 1pm with the ferry leaving the island at 3.00pm
  • Why:
    • The Motuihe Island Trust, assisted by volunteers (us) is replanting the island and helping to restore native flora and fauna.
  • How to get there:
    • Dreamweaver departs from Z pier Westhaven at 8.30 am. 
  • Parking:
    • Large pay and display car park at Westhaven Marina
    • Few mesh fences where you can lock your bike
  • Cost:
    • $40 return for Dreamweaver
  • Activities:
    • Essentially three options: planting, weeding or nursery work. This involves planting native tree saplings on the island, cutting down invasive weeds and general planting/potting up/weeding etc work in the plant nursery.
  • What to wear:
    • Outdoor ‘gardening’ clothes and stout closed footwear. Bring gardening gloves. What to bring:
      • All equipment is provided ie saws, hand tools and even some gumboots
  • Food and drink:
    • There are 2 BBQs if you want to bring food* out but bring snacks/sandwiches, please note there are no rubbish bins so ‘take back what you bring’
    • Water is good to drink on the island. Bring your water bottle, you can refill at the nursery with filtered water
    • Nursery has a kettle and coffee/tea/milo
  • Toilets:
    • DOC toilet block near the wharf.
    • Single toilet at the nursery
  • Map of the island:
  • Health and Safety: Hazards for volunteers link
    • There will be a briefing on the island. 
    • First Aid kits available on the tractor and in the woolshed
    • AED Defribrillator in place at Isthmus Toilet Block for emergency - please follow instructions
  • Mobile phone:
    • Work fine on the island…….but no wifi
  • What is on the island:
    • No shops, vehicles, people (excluding Doc Ranger) or pests.
    • 440,000 trees planted since 2000
    • Little Spotted Kiwi, Tieke, Kakariki, Tuatara, Whitehead, Duvaucel Geckos and more...

*Please familiarise yourself and comply with Biosecurity rules ie sealed containers