Midweek Volunteer


Please note:  Due to the closure of the Motuihe Wharf by the Department of Conservation (DOC), there are no Sunday volunteer trips planned.   We apologise for any inconvenience.  Updates on wharf access will be inserted here just as soon as we are notified by DOC.

Weekday volunteer trips are currently being arranged with the use of Dreamweaver vessel with the use of a beach landing tender. Please contact Simon Sheen at volunteermotuihe@gmail.com for further information.  Cost $40 per person with the vessel departing Z Pier Westhaven  Marina at 8.30am and returning to Westhaven approximately 4.30pm.

Midweek volunteers are welcomed and should contact volunteermotuihe@gmail.com or contact Ph 0800 668844 ext 0

The Trust runs a flexible midweek volunteer programme.  Whether you are a corporate team looking for an excellent ‘volunteer day’ option or an individual wanting to make a difference, please contact email: volunteermotuihe@gmail.com

Activities are season dependent, with tree planting from autumn to early spring, with the rest of the year including; seed collecting, nursery tasks, weedwork, track clearing, and other relevant jobs.  Along with Trust Leaders we can tailor a day to fit with a wide variety of ages (5-80), fitness levels and experience.  The aim is to enjoy the beautiful island and contribute to its future.

A typical day starts at 9am with the Red Boats ferry from pier Z, Westhaven.  Tasks from 10.30 until lunch (on a good day we’ll take the BBQs to the beach) and then either a few more jobs and/or guided walks, swimming or……just enjoying the island.  The ferry docks at pier Z at approximately 5pm. 

Motuihe Island FAQs - Please note transport details may differ during the Motuihe Wharf Closure

Welcome to the Motuihe island project – good choice.  The following should answer most questions relating to the day.

  • Where:
    • Motuihe Island sits between Rangitoto and Waiheke.The ferry ride of approximately 1 hour to the island
  • When:
    • 9am depart time for the ferry. Activities will start around 11am.  Lunch around 1pm with the ferry leaving the island at 3.30pm
  • Why:
    • The Motuihe Island Trust, assisted by volunteers (us) is replanting the island and helping to restore native flora and fauna.
  • How to get there:
    • The Red Boats ferry departs from pier Z, Westhaven Marina (just past Swashbucklers) at 9am sharp.
  • Parking:
    • Large pay and display car park at Westhaven Marina
    • Few mesh fences where you can lock your bike
  • Cost:
    • $30 for ferry, equipment, BBQ etc
    • Please book through the link above
  • Activities:
    • Essentially three options: planting, weeding or nursery work. This involves planting native tree saplings on the island, cutting down invasive weeds and general planting/potting up/weeding etc work in the plant nursery.
  • What to wear:
    • Outdoor ‘gardening’ clothes and stout closed footwear.
  • What to bring:
    • All equipment is provided ie gloves, saws and even some gumboots
  • Food and drink:
    • There are 2 BBQs if you want to bring food* out but bring snacks/sandwiches, please note there are no rubbish bins so ‘take back what you bring’
    • Water is good to drink on the island. Bring your water bottle, you can refill at the nursery with filtered water
    • Nursery has a kettle and coffee/tea/milo
  • Toilets:
    • DOC toilet block near the wharf.
    • Single toilet at the nursery
  • Map of the island:
  • Health and Safety: Hazards for volunteers link
    • There will be a briefing on the island. We will assemble at the end of wharf road (near toilets) for a talk.
    • First Aid kits available on the tractor and in the woolshed
    • AED Defribrillator in place at Isthmus Toilet Block for emergency - please follow instructions
  • Mobile phone:
    • Work fine on the island…….but no wifi
  • What is on the island:
    • No shops, vehicles, people (excluding Doc Ranger) or pests.
    • 440,000 trees planted since 2000
    • Little Spotted Kiwi, Tieke, Kakariki, Tuatara, Whitehead, Duvaucel Geckos and more...

*Please familiarise yourself and comply with Biosecurity rules ie sealed containers