Operations Leadership

Motuihe Island / Te Motu-a-Ihenga

Regular volunteers who wish to lead groups of volunteers in island activities, including planting, nursery work, weeding and guiding undertake appropriate training. 

Motuihe Trust offers volunteer group leaders certified training programmes where applicable and on the job training.  Specialised training is sometimes offered to the Trust through DOC in areas such as bird and plant identification, species monitoring.

Roles and responsibilities (and operating processes) are outlined in the Trust Training and Operations Manual.  For more information contact should be made with a Motuihe Trustee or through info@motuihe.org.nz.

Below is a list of the different roles required to ensure Motuihe Trust operates smoothly.

  •           Volunteer Co-ordinator
  •           Mid-Week Co-ordinator
  •           School Liaison Co-ordinator
  •           Secondary School NCEA Project Co-ordinator
  •           Monitoring Programmes Co-ordinator
  •           Day Co-ordinator
  •           Woolshed Housekeeper
  •           Group Leader - General
  •           Group Leader - Planting
  •           Group Leader - Nursery
  •           Group Leader - Weeding
  •           Track Maintenance Co-ordinator
  •           Social Media Co-ordinator
  •           Kiosk Operating Procedures
  •           Kiosk Management
  •           Track Planning and Construction
  •           Tour Guiding
  •           Communications Co-ordinator
  •           Kiosk Volunteers