Seeds – Collection, Storage and Sowing

  • Collect seeds from sources on the island according to availability and ripeness. Most will be suitable for collecting February through to early June. Refer attached guide - for seed collection dates, how to sow seeds and germination information.
  • Once collected, seeds should well labelled and stored in open plastic bags in the woolshed. Seeds  such as  Coprosma, Mahoe,  and Pseudopanax can be sown straight away.  Refer to attached guide. If time permits  (otherwise at time of sowing) seeds should be removed from any capsule, pod or fruit. Those with sticky capsules need to be dried first. Likewise, seeds such as Manuka and Flax need to be stored in paper bags and they will release the seeds as they dry. Kowhai need to be scarified – cut with a knife and soaked overnight.
  • Check viability of each seed prior to sowing. They should not be too mushy or hollow.
  • Use shallow trays for fine seeds such as Manuka. For big seeds such as Karaka use the deeper polystyrene trays with holes in the bottom. Each tray should not be filled too deep. Suggest no more than 8 cms of potting mix. The top layer of potting  mix should cover the seeds by no more than the size of the seed plus 20%. Do not push larger seeds into the potting mix as this limits the development of the tap root. Lay larger seeds on the potting mix  prior to them being covered.